Sunset paints pink, then magenta, then navy blue down the sky

At twilight she points her Telescope and waits with eyes lifted high

The realm of void darkens, out arises a sea of diamonds

Swimming in the Milky Way, illuminating the horizon

As a vast universe projects itself into her starlit eyes

A silent cinema of creation plays in her mind

A film titled “Genesis” when the Creator spoke and there was light

And the morning stars sang as He set fire to the night

The celestial song of the glorious beginning echos in her imagination

The darkest corners of her being light up to the orchestra of constellations

This grand composer of space and time, into eternity sings her name

This eternal Artist of beauty and light paints mercy over her shame

For If the canvas of stars above her are art, then salvation His masterpiece

And if He has begun a piece of art, someday it would be complete

Someday she would stand upon stars reflected perfectly on a Sea of Glass


between sky and sea,

Would she embrace her Saviour at last.

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